While we have to appreciate the protective measures taken by the Salem City Police in minimizing thefts and house breakings during the festive seasons, I am unable to understand the logic behind them knocking our doors at midnight, waking up the people inside the houses and verifying their details.

It happened to me on Friday night last week while I was trying to slip into good sleep before the electricity go off at 12 a.m.

There was a continuous knock on the door and I found two police constables standing. They said that since the door was locked outside during the day time, they are verifying the identity of the people inside.

Actually the door was not locked that day. They asked for the cell phone numbers, phone numbers and house number etc.

They also said that it was the order from SP to wake up the people to verify the identity.

Such unnecessary night knocks should be avoided. Police is meant to protect the people and let them live in peace and not to disturb their sleep at midnight on any account.

Any such enquiries should be done before 7 pm. People are ready to cooperate with the police.

S. Lakshmi Narasimhan,


Online booking

The online railway ticket-booking procedure is causing widespread discontent. Although internet booking is very handy and convenient but to book online, one should have net banking account or credit card apart from internet access. Therefore, those who do not have such facilities have to stand in a queue before the reservation counters and get disappointed when it is closed as others book tickets through internet.

A certain percentage of total number of seats should be allotted solely for direct booking.

The remaining seats may be offered through internet booking.

Moreover the opening time of counter booking and net booking should be different.




Congratulations to Dr. Madhavan Nair and his team for successful launching of Chandrayan- I and it is a red letter day for India. India is proud of them.


President, Salem Indian Medical Association.

Fire cracker menace

Tamil Nadu Government has given guidelines to the public as to where and how crackers should be burst on the Deepavali day.

Timings for bursting crackers have also been given.

I should like to add that apartments, narrow lanes, temples, mosques, churches etc. should be announced as ‘No cracker’ zones. Infants, the aged, animals and birds are the worst affected by noise and smoke.



Ensure hygiene

Recently I happened to visit Sastha Nagar lying between Ayyappan Temple and Sona College of Technology in Jagir Ammapalayam area. Many plots here have been marked for houses.

But the area is unhygienic thanks mainly to the people who use the vacant land for toilet purposes round-the-clock.

Health authorities, Corporation officials and social workers should take vigorous steps to end this. Sastha Nagar is a blot on Salem Corporation. Salem Deputy Mayor, who is also the ward councillor of this area, should ensure cleanliness here.

R. Nagarajan,


Display boards

At every reservation counter at Salem Junction there is an LCD electronic display board to exhibit details of reservation, ticket position, fares etc.

There are four such boards but they are either not working or have been switched off.

A number of such LCD boards are working satisfactorily in Chennai Central, Egmore, Mambalam, Tambaram etc.

Only the ones in Salem are dysfunctional.

These should be either made operative or removed from the counters.

G. Abdul Haseeb,


A great director

I have seen most of the South Indian films and a good number of Hindi films too. Sridhar was one of the best directors in the Indian cinema.

Most of his films are natural and realistic.

His death is a great loss to the Indian film industry.

B.R. Ramasubramanian,


Medical college

I am happy that more than 50 per cent of the seats in the newly-started medical college have gone to girls.

I look forward to the day when all the 100 seats will go to women and the college itself will become an all women’s medical college like the one in Delhi.

C. Savithri,


Saving power

At a time when the entire state is reeling under severe power shortage, we find that on many days street lights are switched on much earlier before it is dark or they continue to glow late in the mornings.

As the switches or the fuse blocks of these lights at several points are handled manually by the contractor’s staff, they say they have to start switching on the lights in such a manner that they reach the final point before it is dark.

Similarly, in the mornings by the time they reach the final point to switch off the lights it naturally gets delayed.

At a time when remote control systems are

widely used, including for bomb explosions, it may be worthwhile if authorities could explore the possibility of introducing switching

on and switching off street lights from one point at the right time.

It will save precious power and costly labour.



Be innovative

Railways should be a little more innovative and should carry out some essential improvements to meet the genuine demands of the rapidly growing rail commuters.

With the emergence of many new colonies and multi-storeyed apartments, the north-western part of Coimbatore, which has thickly-populated localities like Saibaba Mission, K.K.Pudur, Velandipalayam, Kovil Medu, Edayarpalayam, TVS Nagar, Kanuvoi etc., has become very populous.

There are many educational institutions too with a large number of students hailing from far away places.

People from these areas, who have to board or alight from important trains at Coimbatore, have to cover an additional distance of about six to seven kms to go to Coimbatore Junction.

For their convenience, the following additional

facilities can be provided

at Coimbatore North Junction: 1. A platform can be built on the western side of Coimbatore North junction and the existing overbridge extended up to that.

2. A counter for issuing tickets should be opened on the western side too.

3. All trains passing through Coimbatore North

should halt there for five minutes to enable passengers from the above areas to board or alight from the trains.

This will considerably reduce overcrowding at Coimbatore Junction.



Pay panel recommendations

The Government of India has issued a memorandum on 1-9-2008 for implementing the Sixth Central Pay Commission’s recommendations for all Central Government pensioners/family pensioners with effect from 1-1-2006.

The salient features of the memorandum are:

(1) Public sector banks and post offices from where the Central Government pensioners are drawing their pension have been authorised to pay the revised pension/family pension and 40 per cent of the arrears within two months from the date of issue of orders.

(2) They need not wait for authorisation from their respective accounts officers. The basic pension/family pension will be revised

based on the consolidated basic pension/family

pension of 1996 with a fitment weightage of 40 per cent.

(3) The new revised pension with revised dearness relief of 0 per cent, 2 per cent, 6 per cent, 9 per cent, 12 per cent and 16 per cent from 1-1-2006 will be worked out every six months to arrive at the take-home pension.

(4) The quantum of pension/family pension will be enhanced to the

pensioners’ family/pensioners by 20 per cent,

30 per cent, 40 per cent, 50 per cent and 100 per cent of the revised basic pension/family pension when the pensioner/family pensioner dearness relief is admissible for the additional pension also.

(5) The revised Pension Payment Order (PPO) will be issued suo motu by the head of the department where

the pensioner last

worked before retirement.

S. Gopalan,

Secretary, All India Central Govt. Pensioners’ Association Coimbatore. (Readers can mail to cbereaders@thehindu.co.in with address and phone number)