The Chennai Metropolitan Water Supply and Sewerage Board has put up a pavilion at the 37th India Tourist and Industrial Trade Fair 2011 on Island Grounds.

Visitors can assess water quality at a concessional rate of Rs.50 at the stall. The facility will be available between 4 p.m. and 8 p.m. They can bring two litres of samples from open wells or borewells in a bottle or plastic container.

According to a release, the water would be tested for total alkalinity, total hardness, calcium hardness, calcium, magnesium, chlorides, ammoniacal nitrogen, albuminoid nitrogen, nitrate, iron, phosphate, fluoride, and specific conductance.

Visitors could get the results from Water Analysis Laboratory located on 1, New Avadi Road, Kilpauk, after 10 working days. They could also get the results through courier by paying Rs.10 extra, the release said.