The Madras High Court on Wednesday quashed orders of the State government, including one of September last year, relating to the merger of Tiruverumbur Town Panchayat with Tiruchirapalli City Municipal Corporation.

In his order on a writ petition challenging the merger, Justice N. Kirubakaran said that when the matter involved a major decision of merging the town panchayat with the municipal corporation, the authorities should have been careful enough to see that statutory requirements were complied with.

Petitioner P. Balachandar, a resident of Tiruverumbur (Tiruchirapalli district), said if Tiruverumbur was merged with the corporation, the town panchayat would lose its identity. It would be deprived of several beneficial schemes. It would also affect agricultural operations.

He contended that the town panchayat's resolution and the local public's opposition to the merger were ignored. No opportunity was given for the objections to be explained.

Advocate-General A. Navaneethakrishnan said that the government started the process of extending the Tiruchirapalli corporation limits in 2007.

Though the town panchayat adopted a resolution against the merger on August 30, 2010, the District Collector, in his report on September 7 last year, had recommended the inclusion of the town panchayat in Tiruchi Corporation.

Allowing the petition, Mr. Justice Kirubakaran said that admittedly, no newspaper publication of the notification relating to the merger was made. The general public should know about the notification. Otherwise, it was not possible for them to raise any objection. The notification without publication in newspapers was invalid.