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Mention last date

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To avoid rush at the Electricity Board office for remitting the EB charges, the board has introduced a new system of remitting the fee on or before the date noted on the consumer's card. One can't remember the date if one has two or more cards. The fine for the default payment is also very high. It increases everyday. The Electricity Board must issue a slip to every consumer with details of readings, amount and also last date for the payment. If the slip is issued, it may be much useful to the people for remitting the amount before the last date and thus avoid heavy fine. The Government should issue a circular to TANGEDCO to issue reading slip to all consumers.

K. Ananthanarayanan,


Improve facilities

The Tuticorin airport has been catering to the travel needs of people from southern districts including Tirunelveli, Kanyakumari and Tuticorin. In fact, the airport is an example of official apathy.

The present dismal state of the airport and its poor infrastructure has caused concern among the public.

Facilities such as ATMs and trolleys should be made available. The approach road to the airport must be expanded and relaid without any delay. Besides, the availability of the cabs and cars on the airport premises should be increased.

The business and the industrial activities in Tuticorin, Kanyakumari and Tirunelveli are on the rise. The only daily flight service from Tuticorin to Chennai is often facing problems while landing or taking off. A proper system should be in place in the airport for ensuring smooth services.

The number of seats on Chennai flight should be increased as per the public demand. Proper flight services to metros such as Mumbai, Bangalore and Hyderabad are not there and people from the southern districts are regularly visiting these cities on their business and job trips. Despite many complaints, no proper action has been taken by the authorities till date.

Further, the airport authorities and the other officials concerned should take steps to expand the airport in order to handle larger passenger volume.

P. Senthil Saravana Durai,


Responsible handling

LIC is such a big company in the country and one will be surprised to see their correspondence always coming by bookpost, meaning an open page letter that everyone can read and know our personal details including vital statistics.

It will be better if like in foreign countries respecting the privacy of consumers and their data, the organization can send sealed envelops. Another observation here is that the quality of stationary, printing, print format, readability and everything requires improvement.

I think this observation applies to all government organisations like BSNL also. Will they improve on maintaining consumer privacy and customer experience.

Ganesh. S


Spare pearl city

Right from Maniyachi Junction (about 25 km from Tuticorin) upto Villupuram there are trains such as Nellai Express, Kanyakumari Express, Ananthapuri, Guruvayur Express and a lot more to Chennai. Still passengers enroute Maniyachi, Madurai, Dindigul, prefer pearl city express, the only train that originates from Tuticorin due to the convenient running time. Because of this, the passengers of Tuticorin are deprived of reservation to reach Chennai and there are more wait-listed passengers daily. Passengers from places other than Tuticorin could go to Chennai by availing the trains running right from Maniyachi via Kovilpatti/ Madurai/ Dindigul/ Tiruchi. The authorities may consider converting the Pearl City Express as Doronto Express between Chennai and Tuticorin so that the passengers could get reservation without any waiting list.



Repair battered road

One of the strategic roads in Nagercoil is the one through which buses to Tirunelveli, Madurai, Chennai ply. It is none other than the Ozhuginasery road which is synonymous with the Ozhuginaserry bridge. The road on the bridge got damaged in the incessant rain that battered Nagercoil in the last few days. As a result, all vehicles pass the bridge very slowly and it causes traffic jam. Even the vehicles may get damaged because of jolts caused by potholes on the bridge. Puddles form as and when it rains.

The people who drive their two wheelers fast at night on the road without noticing the potholes may meet with a fatal accident.

Therefore, the town municipality ought to repair the road on a war-footing.

C. Robinson,


Preventive maintenance must

In the last fortnight, two accidents involving TNSTC buses, one near a bridge in the suburb of Madurai and another at Kumarapalyam accounted for more than six fatalities. In the first case, the bus crew was replaced since the persons deputed for the travel declined to take the bus citing danger with worn out tyres and other technical snags. Although TNSTC officials denied this allegation, one can sense something fishy. In the second case, a contract driver was in the wheels beyond the 8-hour schedule. No doubt he was subjected to physical as well as mental fatigue. Preventive maintenance and proper rest to crew will avoid such accidents involving precious human lives.

J.Edison Devakaram,


Tower problem

Marthanda Ravivarma, the then King of Travancore, constructed a Tower in the year 1893 in Nagercoil by installing a giant clock that showed time and had a magnetic needle pointing the north and the south direction. But recently the clock was not functioning properly. As the tower is situated at the heart of the city, it is the cynosure of one and all including foreigners. In view of this at least, the clock may be repaired and the magnetic needle set right early. Either the district administration or the new municipality may attend to it without loss of time.

V. Kumar,


Makes a big difference

There was a hue and cry that the cost of crackers and sparklers had increased by 20 to 30 percent compared to last year. I bought the stuff from a co-operative store near the Cathedral in Tirunelveli. What surprised me is the difference between the cost that I paid for the goods and the MRP printed on the items. A bundle containing five boxes, each with ten pieces of 15 centimetre long sparklers was charged Rs.250 where as the MRP printed on the bundle was Rs.750.I bought from the shop a product of a standard company in Sivakasi.

In both the cases the sales man gave me the cash receipt for the amount I paid and there was no cheating in it. Being confused by the difference between the MRP and the selling rate I inquired for which the sales man replied that it was the selling rate in our place and he presumed that the MRP may be for some far off places.

E. Rajakumar Arulanandham,





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