Staff Reporter

COIMBATORE: Internews Network, an international network of media professionals, plans to launch Local Voices, a project to initiate a capacity building exercise for young media professionals in Chennai, Sreeder Ramamurthy, Project Director of Local Voices told reporters in an informal meeting on Thursday.

HIV/AIDS issues

Supported by USAID, the resource centre would provide information to journalists on issues concerning HIV/AIDS.

However, the media resource centre was yet to be commissioned in India, he added.

Information bank

They would tie up with local non-Government organisations, Government bodies and people living with HIV/AIDS and act as an information bank for media professionals.

"The ultimate aim of setting up such a centre is to make media people aware of the magnitude of the problem of HIV/AIDS," he said.


They would also organise workshops for print, radio and electronic media where members of the community infected and affected by HIV/AIDS would also participate to discuss the way they were represented in mainstream media.

"Our aim is also to involve youth working for local publications and `neighbourhood newspapers' and encourage them to handle the stigma related to the disease," Mr. Sreeder said.

Talk show

A radio talk show workshop for radio professionals including those working in commercial stations and campus radio stations is also likely to be held in January 2007 in Coimbatore.