A mechanized boat anchored in the sea near Eraviputhenthuri near Thuthoor was damaged along with the fish and fish nets in the early hours of Friday.

According to marine police sources, the mechanized boat belonging to Santhoos (56) of Eraviputhenthurai was anchored at sea in order to unload the catch. In the meantime the fishermen in the shore noticed fire from the anchored boat and in order to extinguish the fire they rushed to the spot in three mechanized boats and six vallams. They extinguished the fire after struggling for three hours. In this incident, Shaju (32), Bretty (40) and Siluvai Adimai (29) sustained burn injuries and were later admitted to hospital for treatment.

In the meantime, the president of Tamil Nadu Fishermen Development Trust, P.Justin Antony, has demanded the Government to give due compensation to the damaged boat and to award those fishermen who were involved in extinguishing the fire braving their lives.

Moreover the South Asian Fishermen Fraternity (SAFF) has demanded the immediate release of three Indian fishermen from Qatar detention.

The general secretary of the SAFF, Fr. Churchil, told The Hindu that on November 13, three Indian and one Bangaladesh fishermen were fishing in the Bahrain Sea and they were arrested by Qatar coast guard for crossing the Qatar border. The fishermen have been detained in the Alkhore jail at Doha in Qatar. The details of three Indian fishermen were John Rose (33), son of Lopas in Muttom, Varghese (32) son of Siluvaipillai and Rajan (28) son of Sesaya in the district.

Hence he requested the Government to take immediate steps and ensure their early release.