There’s no love lost between Mayor S.M. Velusamy and Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam councillor Meena Loganathan. Or so it appears.

At the council meeting on Wednesday, Mr. Velusamy asked the woman councillor to stop raising issues concerning her ward after she asked the Mayor if he had a count of the number of structurally weak electric poles. This was after the Mayor had asked her if she maintained a similar count in Ward 49, the ward she represented.

Ms. Loganathan retorted, “Why should not I be allowed to raise issues concerning my ward?” As soon as she questioned the Mayor, a few All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam were on their feet, shouting on the top of their voices in an attempt to drown her voice. The slanging match came to an end with Ms. Loganathan taking her seat. But that was not the end of the altercation. The woman councillor got up again when Mr. Velusamy read the proposal for the council’s approval.

A visibly irritated Mayor said the council was the not the right forum for political one-upmanship. If Ms. Loganathan wanted to score brownie points, attract media and garner attention, he was no less than her as he had 40 years political experience.

As photographers tried to click pictures, the Mayor cautioned the photo journalists as well. “You are allowed to click pictures only at the start of the council meeting. It is only because of you, media that the councillor is behaving in such a fashion. The media should act with responsibility.”

Ms. Loganathan gave up arguing only after DMK councillors A. Nandhakumar and P.V. Subramanian pacified her. Later, Mr. Velusamy said that Ms. Loganathan’s speech in the council would be removed.