Special Correspondent

COIMBATORE: With development and repair works such as re-laying or roads and construction of drainage slowing down in the city because of the rising cost of construction materials, the Coimbatore Corporation has appealed to the State Government for some remedial measures.

The Corporation wants the schedule of rates fixed by the Public Works Department (PWD) increased so that works are not affected in the city, especially when it is supposed to be on a fast track to development.

Mayor R. Venkatachalam has called upon Public Works Department Minister Duraimurugan to have the rates for various materials and also the labour cost to help the Corporation carry out development works.

In a letter submitted to the Minister in Chennai on Tuesday, the Mayor said that the open market rates were high in Coimbatore compared to some other districts. This discouraged contractors from taking up works that were to be carried out by the Corporation. Works that had come to a standstill in the city could resume only if the Government took steps to raise the material and labour costs fixed by the PWD.

In letters to Local Administration Minister M.K. Stalin and Finance Minister K. Anbazhagan, the Mayor appealed for regularisation of unapproved layouts that came under the Land Ceiling Act.

More than 100 out of the 761 unapproved layouts could not be regularised because they were found to belong to the Government under the Act. While the other layouts were regularised under a scheme of the Government and made eligible for basic amenities such as road, drinking water, drainage and streetlight, these layouts were kept out of the process.

The residents in these areas had claimed that they did not know of the status of the layouts as the promoters had not told them of this. After having lived there for years, they could not bear to think of the house sites not getting regularised because of the Act.

The Mayor requested both the Ministers to have mercy on the residents.