The Global Water Meet held in France recently has come out with solutions to guarantee water for billions of people.

The conference held at Marseille from March 12 to 17 was attended by a professor from Madurai — P.S. Navaraj, Dean (Academic Affairs), Yadava College — whose paper on solutions to water problems was selected from 5,000 entries from across the world. His case study model, ‘Contention to cooperation in water management,' facilitated his visit to France for the Sixth World Water Forum.

“Marseille has exemplary experience in water domain and people of that province have cultivated a really good water culture over the years. Hence the Governors of World Water Council chose that city for the meet,” Dr.Navaraj told The Hindu. He said that the president of World Water Council Loic Fauchon has appealed at the forum that it was of paramount importance to guarantee essential needs such as food, education and water to the poor. “World Youth Parliament and Marseille Water Ethics are new initiatives to enhance sustainable and ethical issues associated with water resources' utilisation and management,” he said.

The World Water Council was convinced that enrichment of man shall not be done through the depletion of nature. Cleaning of all river banks, reducing trash and opportunities for local action were among the measures suggested.

Also, the forum paved way for evolution of Parliamentary process in water issues. For the first time, a universal declaration incorporating every theme related to urgency of conserving water resources would be signed. The year 2013 would be the International Year of Water Cooperation for UNESCO. Those interested could contact Dr. Navaraj on 94426 48168.