The annual festival at the Sri Karur Mariamman Temple that is slated to commence on May 8 will witness the planting of the sacred stem (kambam) in front of the temple. The festival would be on till June 5 for 29 days.

On May 15, the kaapu kattuthal will be held and the deity will be taken in a procession around the temple premises .

On May 23, the temple car festival will be conducted and on May 25 the sacred stem will be immersed into the Amaravathy and the magnificent pyrotechnic display will be conducted that night.

From May 22 to 25, devotees can offer their propitiations through the time-honoured means such as Maavilakku, Paalkudam while specifically on May 23 and 24, specific vows will be allowed to be undertaken. On the 25th the fulfilment of spiritual vows such as carrying Agni Satti, alagu piercing would be undertaken. While the next day, pushpa vahanam will be held, the day after that the garuda vahanam ritual will be conducted. On June 4, the oonjal festival will be held and on the next day the amman kudipuguthal will be organized which will bring the curtains down on the annual festival for the current year, according to the Hereditary Trustee of the temple Muthukumar.