A drunkard father who fell on the ground following a squabble with his son died on the spot on Friday evening.

Based on the complaint filed by the Village Administrative Officer, Selvanayagam, police have registered a murder case against the son.

Police said A. Muthukrishnan (75) of Mukkoodal, in an inebriated mood caused problems to his family members though his son M. Jayaganesh (33), a mill worker, pleaded with him not to do so. When Jeyaganesh retuned home on Friday evening from work, Muthukrishnan was trying to beat his wife in an inebriated condition.

Upset over this, Jayaganesh, who is living with his wife and daughter in the next house, intervened and asked his father to leave the place as he was drunk.

When the old man refused and tried to beat him, Jayaganesh pushed him in an attempt to save himself from the blow. Muthukrishnan lost his balance and fell on the ground. As he sustained injuries in the nape, he swooned and died on the spot.

Mukkoodal police have arrested Jayaganesh after filing a case of murder against him.