A 25-year-old man allegedly strangled his father to death using a belt, in Ambattur, on Thursday night.

The Ambattur Estate police said a body with strangulation marks was spotted by pedestrians on Alamaram Street, Athipattu, on Friday. Probe revealed the deceased was Shyam Sunder (50), a native of West Bengal and resident of Mel Ayanambakkam, who worked as a private security guard.

On Thursday, Sunder, an alcoholic, reportedly went to the firm where his son Krishna (25) is employed as a security guard and created a ruckus. Krishna managed to placate his father and take him home. On the way, an argument broke out between the two and Sunder attacked Krishna with an iron rod. An irked Krishna pulled his father’s security web belt and strangled him. He left the body lying on the ground and fled. Krishna was arrested on Friday.