The Tirupur North police arrested Ravi (35), an Indian national residing in Malaysia, on the charges of duping a travel agency owner to the tune of Rs. 37 lakh after befriending him.

Police sources said that the accused got friendly with the businessman, Soori Valavan, stating that he had inherited huge wealth running into a few hundred crores of rupees.

After some days, he suddenly borrowed Rs. 37 lakh stating that he would come back with the cash deposited in Malaysia.

He promised a sizeable share of his wealth to Soori Valavan.

To make the Tirupur-based entrepreneur believe his story, the accused gave ‘collateral security' for the amount borrowed in the form of a box which, according to him, was stuffed with jewellery and precious stones.

However, he ‘advised' the travel agency owner not to open the ‘wealth box' till he returned with the money as the stones/jewellery inside it could lose value once exposed.

The businessman believed him but the accused did not return to the city in the stipulated period.


A 28-year-old woman was murdered by her husband at Udumalpet on Thursday.

Police said the incident took place following a quarrel between Shakira Begum, the deceased, and her spouse, Mohammed Hussain.

During the wordy duel, Mohammed Hussain set ablaze his wife. She died at Udumalpet Government hospital where she was admitted with severe burns. Mohammed Hussain was arrested, police sources said.