A 30-year-old man died in Kodungaiyur after he hung by a rope in a bid to amuse his three-year-old daughter.

The accident happened at the home of daily-wage labourer S. Balamurugan, on Fourth Street in Chandrasekar Nagar, where he lived with his wife and child.

On Thursday afternoon, Balamurugan returned home from work and handed his wife B. Dhanalakshmi (25) his weekly wages of Rs. 700.

As she had not cooked any lunch, Dhanalakshmi decided to step out to buy some food. When she was leaving, she saw Balamurugan playing with their daughter.

He was fooling around with a rope attached to the ceiling, on which they hung the child’s cradle, Dhanalakshmi told the police.

According to the police, he may have put the rope around his neck in order to produce choking sounds and create funny faces and amuse his little daughter.

At some point, the rope probably tightened around his neck and killed him.

When Dhanalakshmi returned home with the food, she found Balamurugan hanging by the rope. She cried out and neighbours came running. They rushed him to the Government Stanley Hospital but doctors said he was ‘brought dead’.

A case has been registered by the Kodungaiyur police.