MADURAI: Vice-Chancellor of Bharathiar University G. Thiruvasagam has made a fervent appeal to the people of India not to make Gandhiji a one day affair but realise that Gandhian Thought is a subject for everyday life and nation’s development.

He also urged colleges and universities across the country not to include Gandhian Thought in the list of optional subjects because it is a subject that should be made compulsory for youngsters.

“Educational institutions are not doing enough to promote Gandhian Thought because they are obsessed with marks, pass percentage, soft skills, campus placement for jobs and so on. They alone are not enough for our youth,” Dr. Thiruvasagam said while speaking at the 139th Gandhi Jayanti celebrations at Gandhi Museum here on Thursday.

He said that Bharathiar University took a conscious decision of making Gandhian Thought subject a compulsory paper for students in order to imbibe human excellence among youngsters passing out every year. “Though we have introduced Choice Based Credit System in our university, we did not include Gandhiji in the list of optional subjects because we felt that Mahatma is a life-making subject,” he observed.

Dr. Thiruvasagam raised a question on why today’s people are not following what Mahatma Gandhi taught whereas whatever he was followed by lakhs of countrymen when he was alive. In this context, he cautioned that if educational institutions fail in creating quality human assets on the lines of what Gandhiji wanted, it would be a doom for the nation as a whole and threatens the country’s hard won freedom from the British. He suggested that maintaining peace and chasing away communal hatred/religious violence would be the best gratitude to the Father of the Nation.

K. M. Natarajan, Chairman, Tamil Nadu Gandhi Memorial Fund, expressed anguish over the communal violence that broke out in Orissa and Karnataka where Christians were attacked by religious fanatics.

T. Ravichandran, Gandhi Museum Coordinator, in his address said that the United Nations did a great thing by declaring Gandhi Jayanthi as International Day of Non-violence.