Birds kept at eight places in the district

Officials in the district are in a quandary over the disposal of emus that were abandoned by the promoters of various private companies involved in the contract farming scam. Officials sold over 2,000 birds to a trader in an auction held recently in the district. A bird, which the promoters of the contract farming business claimed to be worth over Rs. 20,000, fetched just Rs. 235. But things turned from bad to worse as the trader who bought the birds failed to turn up to take them.

“The trader hesitates to take the birds as there is virtually no demand for emu meat in the country. We ended up maintaining over 2,000 birds even after selling them. Now, we are worried about how to dispose of these birds,” a senior official says.

The government had taken over 12,000 birds under its maintenance after they were abandoned by the promoters of the private emu firms took flight in August last year.

Of them, about 7,000 birds belong to the Susi Emu Farms and 2,000 to the Queen Emu Farms. The birds were kept at eight different places in the district and the revenue department along with officials from the animal husbandry is taking care of the birds.