Members of the Federation of All Officials’ Associations of Erode Corporation had a cause to have a sense of fulfilment on Sunday.

The first general medical camp the Federation conducted for members of the 12 associations and their family members turned out to be fruitful.

Over 230 officials and their family members benefitted from the camp.

There were many among them who would not have otherwise detected ailments in their bodies.

A good number of them, for instance, did not know till they were diagnosed at the camp that they had diabetes.

They realised how flimsy their premise that feeling active would keep diabetes at bay was, according to J.J. Bharathi, president of Selva Charitable Trust, that organised the medical camp at the Corporation Maternity Hospital.

The Federation roped in the Erode chapter of Indian Medical Association, Deepa Medical Groups, and Deepa Medical Lab as well for the medical camp where the men were tested for blood pressure, cardio complications and diabetes.

For women, a test was conducted to rule out cervical cancer.

Medicines worth Rs. 30,000 were distributed free of cost, and those with higher degree of blood sugar and cardiac complications were referred to a few private hospitals with philanthropic outlook, Mr. Bharathi said.

“So far, we used to join hands for staging demonstrations to voice our demands. For the first time, we teamed up with like-minded entities for a constructive activity,” V. Radhakrishnan, Federation general secretary, said.

Deputy Mayor K.C. Palanichamy inaugurated the medical camp in the presence of Mayor Mallika Paramasivam, Corporation Commissioner M. Vijayalakshmi, Federation president T. Vijayakumar, and chairpersons of the Corporation’s four zones.