Use of road by heavy vehicles had been banned following landslip

Members of Yercaud Lorry Owners Association have demanded that their vehicles be allowed to carry construction materials on Yercaud Ghat Road.

They had been banned by the district administration from doing so, owing to the landslip at the sixth curve due to recent rain.

They said that after the landslip, heavy vehicles had been banned completely by the administration and the highways department had been carrying out repair work.

However, they alleged that two lorries, carrying granite stones each weighing about 50 tonnes, had been permitted to pass through the check posts on Thursday when their vehicles with only about 15 tonnes were denied permission to use the road.

They said they would not be able to celebrate Deepavali without any income.

Representations to the district administration did not yield any result.

“The alternative route is too steep as our vehicles could not climb the road,” they said.

Later, they met the District Revenue Officer N. Prasanna Venaktesan and sought lifting of the ban.

Officials said that association’s allegation that two lorries with 50 tonnes have passed through the check post could not be proved as no entry was found in the entry register maintained at the check posts.

However, he added that highway officials have been asked to expedite works, so that heavy vehicle traffic could resume soon.