Cashier did not know how to activate the burglar alarm

The robbery at the Bank of Baroda branch at Perungudi here on Monday had some filmy moments.

According to police sources, the four-member gang that barged in with pistol-like weapons screamed ‘chor chor, bank robbery, haath upar karo' (thief thief, bank robbery, hands up). After forcing the staff and others into the strong room, they conversed in Hindi and took more than Rs. 19 lakh from the chest.

While leaving, the gang warned the staff not to make any call for 10 minutes. They grabbed some “good-looking” mobile phones from a couple of employees and fled the scene. However, they abandoned the mobile phones at a distance, probably worried that police might track them by locating the instruments, the sources said.

Since the gang warned that no phone call should be made for 10 minutes, the staff holed up in the strong room made no attempt to alert the police or others for full 10 minutes. The first call to the Police Control Room was made only after the time stipulated by the suspects.

“It does not appear to be the work of professional criminals. It is surprising that they made an announcement about the bank robbery before entering…we suspect the involvement of some fresh offenders. All the four suspects entered the bank located on the first floor leaving none at the entrance or downstairs to provide cover,” an investigator said.

When a senior police officer enquired with the private security guard hours after the robbery, he not only pleaded ignorance but also said there was no sign of a robbery in the bank. This is not all…when police asked the bank cashier why he did not press the burglar alarm, he replied that he had no idea how to activate it, police sources added.

  • First call to Police Control Room was made only after the time stipulated by the suspects

  • It does not appear to be the work of some professional criminals, says an investigator