The February 2013 edition of the monthly Lok Adalat meeting held in Coimbatore on Saturday saw settlement of 135 cases. According to sources, the Lok Adalat was held in two court halls at the District Court Complex and conducted by the District Legal Services Authority.

Under the guidance of the Principal District Judge and Chairman, Legal Services Authority N. Authinathan, M. Krishnamoorthy, retired District Judge, conducted the proceedings along with members Nurul Ameen Shahid and Godhanavalli.

In the First Additional District Judge S. Jaganathan’s court hall, A. Noor Ahamad, retired District Judge, along with members K. Gajendran and N. Krishnamoorthy heard the cases that were referred to Lok Adalat.

The sources said that the cases referred to the Adalat included 180 motor claims original petition cases and also civil disputes and seven criminal appeal cases.

In 121 of the 180 MCOP cases, settlement was arrived at the Lok Adalat and the value of the settlement was Rs. 2.08 crore. The cases that the Adalat took up were those that had been pending for quite sometime and parties concerned were willing for settlement. In original side civil suit cases, the Adalat settled disputes and the money disbursed to the parties was Rs. 26.50 lakh.

In all, the Adalat had helped the petitioners get Rs. 2.42 crore by settling the 135 cases, the sources added.