Mohamed Imranullah S.

Express mixed feelings over their experience in arguing cases

MADURAI: Litigants in the Madras High Court Bench here heaved a sigh of relief following the announcement made by lawyers to suspend boycott of court proceedings and return to work from Monday.

On Friday, most of the cases before the Bench were adjourned unlike the other four days of the week when litigants were encouraged to argue cases on their own as per the court’s decision to conduct proceedings sans lawyers.

Response to the court’s decision was overwhelming with hundreds of litigants queuing up to argue their cases. From Government servants facing departmental action to relatives of accused in criminal cases, all were allowed to appear.

Even businessmen were no exception as S. Vaigundarajan, a garnet exporter and a major shareholder in Jaya TV, and his two brothers argued a case relating to a dispute in their partnership deal.

Justice S.K. Krishnan reserved orders in the case.

No cakewalk

“It was not a cakewalk to argue my case. Lawyers know the temperament of individual judges and they keep abreast of the latest court rulings on every issue. But one cannot expect these from litigants like me,” said L. Janakiraman of Virudhunagar.

Concurring with his view, another litigant working in a private printing press at Sivakasi said that he had taken leave to attend the court proceedings.

“Why should I undergo such hardship that too after paying half the lawyer’s fee ?” he asked. However, G. Balakumar of Tirunelveli took an entirely different view.

According to him, the lawyers’ boycott and consequent opportunity given to petitioners’ to argue had given enough exposure to the litigants on court proceedings.

“The lawyers might resume work from Monday. Yet, I think that in future there will be a considerable increase in cases under the caption ‘party-in-person’ cases as many of them have gained confidence to present their cases without fear or hesitation,” he said.