Special Correspondent

Teachers given overview on how to impart them to students

Programme intended to reach students

Does not rely on manuals, books

THANJAVUR: A unique workshop was held for teachers here on Wednesday.

Organised by Lions Clubs International 324-A2, the workshop was conducted by G. Athilakshmi, a trainer in the organisation. Lions International has introduced a scheme, Lions quest-skill, for adolescent children.

The scheme is aimed at guiding youth in the right path, Dr. Athilakshmi said. If children in the age group of 10 to 14 are prevented from picking up bad habits, it will result in their development. Teachers play an important role in shaping the character of youth. Through them, the programme will reach schoolchildren. Forty schoolteachers, attending the workshop for three days, will mould the children when they go back to their schools, she said.

The programme is school based and woven into the academics as life skills and values. The programme does not rely exclusively on manuals, books and other material to ensure successful implementation. All teachers and group leaders, who offer the course, are required to participate in a three-day training workshop offered by the Lions clubs international foundation, which prepares them to teach the curriculum. They are given an overview of the skills and how to impart them in schools.

G. Manoharan, past district governor, said Lions quest was started in 1975 by a child who lost his father due to drunken driving. In 1984, Lions International adopted it by offering $1.5 million. In 1991-92, the programme was introduced in India. Two lakh children had so far been trained under the programme. In Lions district 324-A2, 300 teachers were trained and implemented in 40 schools. K.M.A. Asharaff Ali, District Chairperson, Lions quest 2007-2008, spoke.