P. Sudhakar

TIRUNELVELI: If you think that the prime use of teeth is to grind food, better change your view. A Tamil Nadu State Transport Corporation conductor lifts pot with water, a bicycle, bends bulky iron rods, tows heavy vehicles etc., with his teeth.

When C.S. Velsamy was a teenager, he was the pump operator of the overhead tank constructed in the outskirts of his village, Subbulapuram near Sankarankovil. As women used to go home after leaving their pots in the overhead tank to maintain their ‘seniority,’ Mr. Velsamy, after filling up the pots, attempted to lift the pots with water with his teeth. When his attempt bore fruit, he became the hero of Subbulapuram.

“The persons riding cycles continuously for two or three days in our village in those days, which was their livelihood, used to lift the pots with water before they take bath even as riding the cycle. It was my inspiration,” says Mr. Velsamy.

Even as the construction workers bend the steel rods with a specially designed tool, twisting 10 mm iron rod with his teeth is this conductor’s hobby. As he bends the steel rod with much ease and lifts a bicycle with teeth for more than 10 minutes, people witnessing the awesome power of Mr. Velsamy’s jaws and teeth become speechless. The 57-year old man easily bends 57 iron rods in just 5 minutes.

Now he tows load-autorickshaws, vans, buses, mini lorries etc. with the teeth.

“Whenever foreigners prepare huge cake, sandwich or pizza, it becomes news and even becomes a record. I, at the age of 57, want to tow an aeroplane or a rail engine, for which I need financial and moral support from my department as well as from the State Government,” he says.