They say, Old War veterans never die-They melt into oblivion. Likewise, Old Hospitality professional leave behind genetically modified seeds of positive proactive attitude.

Hospitality career is not just a platform for job seekers or just a passport to global acceptance. Hospitality Education sculpts normal human psych into sculptures of proactive dynamic individuals. Every time human resource clashes with technology friction generates into abysmal degeneration of human Values. A well-trained hospitality professional perfectly balances human interaction with Nano technology

“The Fine Art of Playing Host”

“This is NOT for those with a ‘herd mentality’…

But only for those who care to be different and

Who want to get the best of life.”

Coming to think of it, your career is like a drawing without an eraser. We want you to make yours a masterpiece. Remember, the career you choose now is what you will retire from. Opines Venkatesh D Kampala, a Veteran Hospitality professional.

IT, Engineering & Medicine are among the best careers. But the competition is very stiff. But, if the objective is to succeed in life then just read on and CASH IN ON THE HOSPITALITY MANAGEMENT.

Hospitality is happening; Candidates with knowledge in hotel management are not only preferred in large hotels like Taj, Obroi and Hilton groups etc but also sought after in many other multinational companies. The scope for hotel management students is rapidly increasing both in India and abroad. Then why wait?

In the last decade, the international business travelers have discovered and leisure travellers rediscovered India. In addition to this global traffic, domestic travelers are packing their bags in ever-increasing numbers. This spurt in the travel and tourism industry has in turn given India’s growing hotel industry great impetus. Such growth is expected to multiply manifold in the coming decades. The reasons are numerous -globalization, liberalization of the Indian economy, attitudinal shift towards holidaying the entry of MNCs and a renewed interest in all things.

The resultant growth in the hospitality industry has created several thousand jobs for hotel management professionals and those related areas such as Food processing, Personnel Management and Tourism Administration. About two Lakhs qualified hotel management professional are required now to run the star hotels across the country which is an indication of the kind of demand for hotel management career avenues in India.

Personal attributes required to become a successful hotelier are,

Communication skills,

English language fluency and proficiency

Knowledge of foreign languages

Friendly disposition

Ability to work in teams

Excellent grooming

Planning and Organizational ability

Diplomacy and tact

Stamina and god health

Interest in people.

Students need not worry about scoring centums or distinctions in academics to get into hotel management if they possess flair in the above personal attributes.

Graduates in hotel management may choose to diversify into the travel and tourism industry. Food Journalism and Food Photography are emerging as interest options. Education and training are also options. They are also well equipped to be entrepreneurs. Running a catering business from home, setting up restaurants and guesthouses are some popular choices. Event management is another area of work suitable for hotel management graduates. Those specializing in catering technology are best suited to enter the food processing industry, Nutrition and dietetics, Health Foods, Food technology and quality control.

Venkatesh D Kampala


The Hotel Academy