From six in 10,000 it has come down to 0.25, says health department official

Deputy Director of Health (Leprosy) R. Muthukumaran said the prevalence of leprosy in Tirupur district had significantly come down in the last six years.

“The prevalence rate now stands at 0.25 in 10,000 in the district against the six in 10,000 about six years back. The decline can be attributed to intensive awareness programmes and proper drug therapy,” he told The Hindu .

Dr. Muthukumaran was here to distribute free of cost the specially-designed micro cellular rubber footwear to leprosy patients having ‘prophic ulcer’ on foot. The function was held at District Headquarters hospital on Friday. He said that the department would help four persons in the district to correct deformities in the upper and lower limb and wrist drop caused by leprosy, through surgery.

Dr. Muthukumaran said that people should understand that leprosy, caused by bacteria Mycobacterium leprae, was preventable and curable. “Skin lesions are the initial signs and if left untreated, leprosy can be progressive causing permanent damage to skin, limbs, and even eyes,” he said.