Some wildlife experts have said firecrackers will be ineffective in frightening leopards that have been sighted near homes and a school in Mallasandra on Kanakapura Road.

Sanjeev Pednekar, herpetologist, said the “leopards are happy” because broiler chicken is being dumped in the area. The garbage attracts dogs, which the leopards prey on. “No official can do anything until the area is clean. Relocate the animal before it turns into a man-eater,” he said. Madhusudan Shukla, wildlife coach, Kumaran’s School, Mallasandra, said there is no need to worry about leopards so long as they are not man-eaters and added that the school is taking precautions. He said the leopard has not been spotted within the school’s campus. “At least, I never sighted leopard pugmarks inside the campus,” he said.

Leopards are “highly territorial” animals and probably using the area while moving to Thurahalli or Anjanapura. They will get uncomfortable in the new habitat with people around and will eventually move out due to development on the nearby NICE Road.

“We need to educate people that we can coexist,” he added.

‘Leopards are highly territorial animals and are probably using

the area while

moving to Thurahalli

or Anjanapura’