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(From left) M. Krishnan, President, Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industries, Gopal Maheswari, President, Friends of Tribal Society, S.V. Balasubramaniam, Chairman, Siruthuli, G. Soundararajan,Vice President, RAAC, R.R. Balasundaram, vice-president of the Chamber of Commerce, Vanitha Mohan, Managing Trustee, Siruthuli, taking a look at the facilities of Samskaara Academy during its launch in Coimbatore on Monday. Chairman of the academy D. Brinda is in the picture. —Photo: M. Periasamy  

Samskaara Academy launches a learning centre with green buildings

A learning centre with green buildings which is aimed to inspire children to adopt an eco-friendly life style was launched by Samskaara Academy here at Ondipudur on Monday.

An initiative by Thayarammal Education Trust, the school was constructed based on the architectural principles of renowned British-born Indian architect Laurie Baker.

Explaining the green practices adopted by the Academy, D. Brinda, chairman of the trust, said that the buildings had hollow walls which reduced heat and maintained temperature by allowing free movement of air.

Fly ash bricks made of waste residue, double layer tiles for ceiling to retain moisture, terracotta floor tiles to balance room temperature, good ventilation and maximum use of natural light to save energy were the other eco-friendly methods employed in the construction of buildings.

The school had a rain water harvesting tank of one lakh-litre capacity with three tanks of 17 feet depth built under classrooms which also helped to keep them cool. “This along with bio-gas plant and use of solar energy were some of the measures taken towards the goal of minimising dependence on non-renewable energy sources and achieving self-sufficiency in three-four years,” Ms. Brinda said. According to her, the school would engage children in organic farming practices.

Pointing out that air-conditioned classrooms and advanced facilities made children disconnected from Nature, C.R. Swaminathan, trustee Sri Krishna College of Arts and Science, in his presidential address, said that though our economy was predominantly dependent on agriculture, the younger generation failed to understand its importance.

S.V. Balasubramaniam, chairman, Siruthuli, M. Krishnan, president, Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industries, Vanitha Mohan, managing trustee, Siruthuli, Sri Gopal Maheswari, president, Friends of Tribal Society, G. Soundarajan, vice president, Residents Awareness Association of Coimbatore and S. Dorairaj, founder trustee, also spoke.

Trustees G. Selvaraj, J.S. Praveen Kumar and N. Prabhu, handed over the centre to D. Brinda, chairman. Architect of the Academy, Devapriyan, Cost Ford Institute, Thrissur, was honoured at the event.

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