Adults should not direct children, but should lead them, T.S. Viswanath, president, Suguna PIP School, Coimbatore, said here on Saturday.

“Initially, we, adults, lead children. We lead by examples and our behaviour. But later as they grow, we direct them, meaning we tell them ‘do as I say.' In effect, we are telling them ‘don't do as I do.”

He was speaking at ‘Building A Quality And Growth Model For Your School', organised by idiscoveri Education Private Limited.

There was a subtle difference between leading and directing children and the latter was dangerous, he said.

The world was changing so fast that children should be trained to be well prepared. “There are no use preparing children for the present because the world will not be what it is today,” he said and asked, “But, how to prepare them for the future.”

Nobody would know what would happen in the future. And there was no way to prepare the children. Instead, what one could do was to groom children by giving them a set of values or skills, with which they would be able to survive.

The first of those was confidence. Children should have confidence in whatever they do. That would solve half the problem. They should also have the motivation to do what they wanted to do, put in cent per cent effort into whatever they did, take up responsibility and do only the right things in life, take the initiative to do the right things, have care and consideration in their work, work as team and possess the ability to solve problems.

Mr. Viswanath said teachers should create the right atmosphere in classrooms to help children enjoy learning. They should also inspire them.

Ramgopal Vallath, Chief Operating Officer, idiscoveri Education Private Limited, Arvind Venkatachalam, Honorary Secretary, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Coimbatore Kendra, and others were present on the occasion.