The idea is to provide guests with an open lounge

If you are looking for a place to spend a lazy afternoon, listening to the sound of waves as you sip on a cool drink, the sizzle and smell of inviting barbecue around you, then the Tourism Department may just have the solution for you.

As of Sunday, Le Café on Beach Road has a new extension. This area, which is adjacent to the original building, has everything one needs for an idyllic afternoon.

The open air extension will also be used as a barbecue area, with the Puducherry Tourism Development Corporation purchasing a new barbecue worth Rs. 70,000.

According Le Café Manager S. Chandrabose, “The idea was for guests to be able to lounge in the open. The idea of a barbecue had been around for some time, but there was some delay in the opening because of the large number of events during the last couple of months.”

Now, the area has been set up, but the barbecue will take a couple of days to receive.

Hopefully, it will be available by New Year, in which case Le Café will host a New Year Barbeque.


The extension area will be open 24 hours a day, but the barbecue items — mainly seafood, vegetables and chicken — will be available only from 4 pm to 12 pm.

The restaurant will also be developing a mocktail menu.

In future, there are some plans to get the statues that the Tourism Department has placed in the port area and keep them at Le Café, but that has not yet been finalised, Mr. Chandrabose said.

According to an official of the PTDC, the entire cost of completion of the extension was Rs. 4 lakh. The open area barbecue has been open for customers since Sunday and around 70 people can be comfortably seated in the area, considerably increasing the capacity of Le Café.