A 71-year-old man who met with a road accident and had five fractures in his jaw bone had a successful facial surgery at Devadoss Multi-Speciality Hospital here.

The aged person Jayaraj suffered critical injuries in a road accident at Kodaikanal on September 23 and was rushed to the Madurai hospital.

After scan and diagnosis, a team of orthopaedic and facio-maxillary surgeons performed a three-hour surgery and the accident victim is now recovering.

Sathish Devadoss, orthopaedic surgeon, Devadoss Multi-Speciality Hospital, told media persons here on Friday that the medical team had performed the latest craniofacial surgery by opening the fractured sites and realigning the bone jaw successfully.

“The fractured segments were realigned with fixation of titanium plate and 30 screws. By doing this, the patient can immediately return to normalcy and he can start taking diet. Also, the injured person will not have speech problem,” the doctor explained.

Giving more details about the latest surgery, the two facial surgeons - N. Venkadasalapathy and R. Yoganandh - said that the titanium plate fixation will enable infection-free recovery unlike stainless steel plates which are normally used in such surgeries.

“Titanium goes well with human body and hence we recommend that. Earlier, it was expensive but now the cost of titanium plates has come down. It can be used for any part of the body,” Dr. Sathish Devadoss said.

In this case, the patient resumed normal activities quickly and was able to have a regular diet whereas in other types of surgery it may take about 60 days or more for recovery.

Jaw bone set right with titanium plate for accident victim