Plans afoot to step it up through Road Safety Warriors

“Keep Your Word” – a reminder to motorists on the family members waiting for them back home is the latest campaign that Transport Department is popularising for ensuring road safety.

Transport Commissioner M. Rajaram recalled the successful campaign and the popularity earned by “Pulli Raja” in advertisements and campaign materials released for AIDS prevention. On the same lines instead of just appealing to the head and in a bid to appeal to the hearts of the motorists, Transport Department is popularising a campaign with the wordings “Poyittu Varen” in Tamil and “See you” in English. The campaign material says “Vaarthaya Kaapathunga – Veetla Kathiruppanga” in Tamil and “Keep your word – your family is waiting for you” in English.

The focus of this campaign would be on the need to wear helmets while riding, seat belts while driving, avoid over speeding, avoid use of cellular phones while driving/riding and avoid mixing drinking with driving. The focus of the campaign is on these violations because they are found to be the major reasons for fatal accidents, Mr. Rajaram said. Compliance to road rules should not be for the fear of enforcement or penalty, it should be a culture of compliance out of own volition. If not for the rule or enforcers at least for the sake of your family members ensure your safety on roads is the crux of this campaign, Transport Commissioner added.

The campaign is part of the theme “Road Safety forever” to educate motorists in addition to enforcement. Mr. Rajaram said that NGO's, individuals and committees were being roped in to take the campaign forward in a big way.