Housing and Urban Development Minister R.Vaithilingam gave six laptops worth Rs.2 lakh to revenue officers of Thanjavur Municipality to aid them in tax collection on Saturday.

The laptops were promised in the municipal budget 2013-14.

The minister said that under e-governance project, Rs.3-lakhs worth desktop computers have also been given to section heads of the municipality.

Computer training has been given to junior assistants in sending and receiving e-mails.

"Everyday activity of the municipality has also been computerised," the Minister said.

Petitions from people are registered in the computers and acknowledgements issued.

An SMS complaint cell has also been inaugurated on Saturday.

During 2012-13 the municipality has taken up 23 solid waste management works at a cost of Rs.48.15 lakh, and six rainwater drainage construction works at a cost of Rs.1.15 crore under Integrated Urban Development Programme.

The municipality has also taken up 47 road works at a cost of Rs.10.75 crore, 13 cement road works at a cost of Rs.1.25 crore under Tamil Nadu Urban Road Improvement Programme.

For laying roads using plastic, the municipality has taken up six works at a cost of Rs.41 lakh. Improvements have also been done to anganwadi centres in the municipal area.