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Seek disbursal of full wages prescribed by Government

DINDIGUL: Agricultural labourers at Koothampatti and Ellapatti in A. Vellode panchayat, led by the Dindigul Member of Legislative Assembly, K. Balabarathi, laid a siege to the Dindiugul union office on Tuesday, seeking disbursal of full wages prescribed by the Government for the work completed by them under the Rural Employment Guarantee programme.

They raised slogans against the union administration for "not having settled" their wages properly.

The workers alleged that the union had given only Rs.40 per day for five days work instead Rs.80 prescribed by the Government.

About 63 labourers were recruited for executing the work under programme.

When the Deputy Superintendent of Police, S. Durai, attempted to convince the agitators, they said that the District Rural Development Agency Project Officer should come to the spot for a discussion.

Later, the Project Officer, B. Ponnaiyan, and had a discussion with them.

He said that the wages were reduced, owing to "partial completion" of the work.

"If the workers came for work for one more day, the panchayat union administration would pay the total amount."

The full pay would be given only to the workers who completed the work, he said.

The workers agreed to it and withdrew agitation.