Aim is to produce quality seeds through improved technologies

The Red Gram Seed Village programme has received good response from the farmers in Shoolagiri panchayat union in Krishnagiri district.

Fifty farmers from 10 villages started cultivating red gram seed from the breeder seed provided by the Dr. Perumal Krishi Vigyan Kendra (KVK) of Elumichangiri near Krishnagiri from June last.

The aim of the project is to produce good quality seeds by adopting improved production technologies to meet the local requirement, said T. Sundarraj, programme coordinator of KVK. He said that the project conceptualised by the KVK to be implemented in Shoolagiri, Thally and Hosur panchayat unions in the district.

The three-year project received Rs. 17.01 lakh from the Department of Bio Technology through Tamil Nadu Board of Rural Development, a non-governmental organisation in Chennai.

The project would be implemented in a phased manner. During the first year, the KVK would be concentrating in Shoolagiri block.

Using the class seeds obtained from these farmers, certified class seeds would be produced subsequently to meet the seed demand, Mr. Sundarraj said. M.V. Ramprasad (39), who is cultivating red gram seed on two-and-a-half acres in B. Kurubarapalli near Berigai, said that he would get good returns by selling the seed to the Agriculture Department.

Mr. Sundarraj said that the Agriculture Department would procure the seeds.