: Former Tamil Nadu Congress Committee president Kumari Anandan said here on Sunday that he would lead an indefinite fast from October 2, Gandhi Jayanthi Day, on a 7.5-acre land which freedom fighter the late Subramania Siva had acquired for the establishment of a Bharath Matha Temple in Papparapatti village in Dharmapuri district, urging the Tamil Nadu government to fulfil the wish of Subramania Siva by constructing the temple.

Talking to reporters, Mr. Anandan said that the said land had gone to the hands of the State government. He, therefore. wanted the government to construct the temple on the land to fulfil the wish of the late freedom fighter. Subramania Siva, the grandson of the brother of the freedom-fighter and other Gandhians would also participate in the fast, he said.

The former TNCC chief said he also wanted the government to erect a plaque at the Arakkonam Railway Station to commemorate the event of the former Chief Minister and freedom fighter Kamaraj travelling in the guise of a farmer and alighting at the railway station, carrying the historic Bombay All-India Congress Committee resolution of August 8, 1942 asking the British government to quit India.

Asked to comment on the decision of the Centre to supply two naval ships to Sri Lanka, Mr. Anandan said the government should reconsider its decision in the light of the harassment which Tamil Nadu fishermen and the Tamils in Sri Lanka suffered at the hands of the Sri Lanka government.