: Avaniapuram police on Saturday registered a case of kidnap on a complaint filed by a businessman claiming that some unidentified persons had abducted his son.

However, the “kidnapped” young man was spotted at a tea shop on the district border later, and the loose ends in the incident have made the police investigate whether it was a real kidnap or a drama.

The Madurai district police said the complainant, Thalapath Singh, a stainless steel merchant, had alerted them at around 8 a.m. that his son Rahul Singh (23) was kidnapped. After alerting all check-posts, the police found that Rahul Singh had called his father from a mobile phone. The police detected the boy’s movement near Kamudhi. However, after five hours, Rahul Singh was spotted alone near a tea shop on Madurai district borders.

A senior police officer said the kidnappers left him there on realising that the police were tracking them, and fled the scene in a Maruti vehicle.

Rahul Singh claimed that the kidnappers had demanded Rs.10 lakh for his release, another officer said.

However, as the victim was safe, the police are investigating whether the incident was real or staged.