The eight-year-old girl, who was sexually assaulted at Poyampalayam here on April 12 and subsequently struggled to meet the hospital expenses, is finally set to receive financial help from Kerala Government.

According to a communiqué received here on Friday, the Kerala Government has announced Rs. 3 lakh towards offsetting the expenses incurred for treatment at a private hospital in Coimbatore.

The girl’s family originally hails from Ernakulam district in Kerala.

It should be noted that the family of the girl had expressed their disappointment at the time of discharge from hospital two weeks back, about the delay in getting the financial assistance promised by the Kerala Government.

Though the government had assured to extend financial help about a month back, the help did not come till she got discharged from the hospital.

The Tirupur district administration and a few philanthropists helped the girl financially to some extent and the rest of the money had to be raised by the girl’s family.