The Annual Credit Plan 2013-14 envisages a credit flow of Rs. 1,885.30 crore, reflecting an increase of Rs. 195.09 crore.

District Collector S. Jayandhi released the plan document and K.R. Hariram, Senior Regional Manager, Indian Overseas Bank, Tirupur Region, received the first copy. The plan projects an outflow of Rs. 959.55 crore to the Agriculture and Allied activities, Rs. 552.10 crore to micro, small, and medium enterprises sector while the service and business sector hopes to see a credit flow of Rs. 373.65 crore.

Ms. Jayandhi lauded the bankers for achieving 102 per cent of the previous year’s target for the period ending December 31 and expressed the hope that they would have exceeded targets in the last quarter of the previous fiscal as well.

Ms. Jayandhi urged them to exhibit the same enthusiasm in meeting targets under all the government sponsored schemes this year.

As of December 2012, the deposits in the district stood at Rs. 2,983 crore while advances were to the tune of Rs. 4,251 crore. Under the urban SHGs scheme, 303 groups were provided with Rs. 30 lakh as revolving fund through the Mahalir Thittam while banks in the district had disbursed Rs. 63.10 crore as loan to 2,869 SHGs under the direct credit linkage scheme.

As far the Unemployed Youth Employment Generation Programme, 131 beneficiaries had been assisted with bank loan to the tune of Rs. 3.30 crore involving Rs. 38.16 lakh as subsidy.

Under the TAHDCO schemes, over 111 beneficiaries had been sanctioned bank loans totalling Rs. 4.50 crore with a subsidy component of Rs. 1.48 crore from the State government. The vulnerable weavers had been granted 352 credit cards estimated at Rs. 88 lakh.

Additional Collector T.G. Vinay, Project Officer, Mahalir Thittam, Mohammed Shahabuddin and Lead District Manager S.M. Murugesan were present.