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For novel methods adopted in implementation of schemes

DINDIGUL: Total community participation and effective cooperation of ward members in executing Government-sponsored schemes, maximum tax collection, effective environment protection measures and safe disposal of wastes have won K. Keeranur panchayat the Uthamar Gandhi panchayat award, which includes a cash award of Rs.5 lakh, a citation and a merit certificate.

The panchayat president, A.M. Nattudurai, and members of K. Keeranur panchayat explained the success story to Collector P. Amudha at the collectorate here on Wednesday.

“I had donated my five acres of land for establishing primary health centre. We have decided to bring more welfare scheme to people of our panchayat,” he said.

Full cooperation is behind this great achievement, said the collector.

She recalled that people had contributed Rs.40,000 for construction of check dam (total project cost Rs.5.5 lakh).

Drinking water had been used judiciously. People have started harvesting rainwater. Above all, absolute religious harmony had prevailed in the area. Local people constructed additional school buildings without involvement of any contractors. They had contributed Rs.40,000 for construction also.

The role of women was laudable, as they had saved a handful of rice before cooking every day and offered it to feed the poor at the month end.

Maintenance of irrigation and drinking water resources, planting of trees to make the panchayat green, measures to boost revenue and develop health care facilities, social security, individual sanitation facilities and safe disposal were other factors behind the success,

The State Government had selected 15 panchayats in the State for this year’s Uthamar Gandhi panchayat award.