The district police administration has informed that the jurisdictions of certain police stations in the district have been realigned by a government order and the people in respective areas from now on should approach the newly assigned stations.

Official sources said the realignment had taken place within the district as well as with the police stations situated in Coimbatore and Erode districts that were situated close on the borders with Tirupur district, in order to ensure that every such area comes within the same revenue district.

According to a press release, 24 hamlets coming under the ‘mother villages’ of Santhaipalayam and Chinnaripalayam which were attached with Kunnathur police station in Tirupur had been merged with Siruvalur station in Erode district.

The areas like Sadayagoundanpudur and Jeeva Nagar under Gomangalam station in Coimbatore district would now be under the control of Udumalpet. A few other hamlets under the villages of Salaiyur, Erisinampatti and Pannaikinnaru under Gudimangalam station were brought under Dhali station in Tirupur district.

A total of 24 hamlets under ‘mother villages’ of Chelakarachal, Varapatti, Edayarpalayam, Malaippalayam, S. Kumarapalayam, Vadavalli and Bogampatti under K. N. Palayam police station in Tirupur were taken to the control of Sulur station in Coimbatore. Some other hamlets like Vathampacheri, Kammalapatti, Thalakarai and Chencheripudur under K. N. Palayam station were merged with Negamam station in Coimbatore district. A total of 22 hamlets under ‘mother villages’ of Veethampatti, Vagatholuvu, Kosavampalayam, Munkiltholuvu, Anikkadavu and Virugalpatti under Negamam have been brought under Gudimangalam station in Tirupur district.

Eight hamlets under the ‘mother villages’ of Samalapuram and Echipatti under Karumathampatti got realigned with Mangalam station in Tirupur.

At the same time, hamlets under Chemmandampalayam were taken away from Mangalam to Karumathampatti station.

In the realignment within the district, Kattur, V. Kalliapalayam areas under Avinashiapalyam and 12 hamlets under Elavanthi, Vadamalaipalayam under Palladam station, have been merged with K.N. Palayam station.