S. Vijay Kumar

Chennai Police send report to Registrar General of Madras High Court

CHENNAI: The Judge of a Fast Track Court allegedly brought two weapons to the Otteri police station here early on Thursday and informed the police that he had murdered his wife and daughter.

However, police investigation revealed that no such murder had taken place and his family in Chennai was safe.

Sources in the intelligence agencies said the 45-year-old subordinate judge walked into the police station around 3.45 a.m on Thursday with two revolvers and waved them at the police. He claimed he had committed two murders and offered to deposit the weapons. Suspecting that he was under the influence of liquor, the Sub-Inspector, Head Constable and others on duty dropped him home. They found his family safe.

Even as the police were enquiring into the source of the weapons on Friday, the judge came to the police station and handed over the revolvers. “It appears that the revolvers were taken from the court property room. Weapons seized by the police in various crimes are stored in such property rooms. We have sent a report to the Registrar General of the Madras High Court,” a police official said.

Sources in the Madras High Court confirmed that the Registrar General had received a report from the police in this connection. Although no First Information Report was registered, details of the incident were entered in the General Diary of the Otteri police station. The Judge was advised not to take up judicial work until further orders. A decision on the next course of action would be taken by the Chief Justice once the Madras High Court reopened after the winter vacation, the sources added.