Most of residents forced to this mode of power

: As an alternative, most of the residents here are accustomed to inverter or UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply).

The sale of inverters has picked up during the summer. The residents could not cope with sultry weather conditions and to get rid of such difficulties, they bought such equipment, as an alternative mode for power supply.

Since power cuts are occurring at frequent intervals, most of the houses have been equipped with such facilities. It has become an essential household article in the present scenario.

But unfortunately, the poor could not afford it. With low income, the equipment with 250 VA (Volt Ampere) is affordable by the residents.

The price of such equipments has turned costlier nowadays.

Since demands for the most sought after product are huge, the price of the product has been escalating.

“At times, we could not manage the clients without stock,” A. Marimuthu, a proprietor, who deals with the product, said.

“The power generator sets have become obsolete now. When compared to power generator sets, which had been used in those days, the expenditure on the usage of inverters is economical.”

“With kerosene and diesel, the generator sets were used. Price of one litre of kerosene is Rs.35 and above and price of diesel has risen abnormally, now."

“For a three-hour power cut, a minimum of Rs.105 has been spent a day on power generator usage with kerosene. If the same is used with diesel on a daily basis, a huge expenditure will have to be met by the residents.”

“Hence, people have preferred using inverters of different capacities.” Inverters with 600 VA are normally being used by the households. With this capacity, fans, lights, televisions, computers and refrigerators could be used,” he said.