P.V.V. Murthi

Currently available only in Chennai, Puducherry

Chargeable weight would be 1 kg, 2.5 kg, 5 kg

VELLORE: The scheme of booking international parcel in a flat rate box is to be launched at the Vellore Head Post Office (HPO) from Monday, according to V. Santhanaraman, Senior Superintendent of Post Offices (SSP), Vellore Division.

Mr. Santhanaraman told The Hindu here on Friday that the scheme is currently available only in post offices in Chennai and Puducherry in the Chennai City Region. Boxes would be available in three sizes, a 1-kg box, for which Rs.1,000 would be charged, inclusive of postage; 2.5-kg box for which Rs.1,500 would be charged; and 5-kg box for which Rs.2,500 would be charged.

For all the three boxes, the chargeable weight would be 1 kg, 2.5 kg and 5 kg respectively, irrespective of the exact weight of the articles booked by the customers.

For instance, a person can pack articles weighing 1.5 kg in the 1-kg box if those articles could be contained in that box, but he would be charged only for 1 kg. So is the case with the other boxes, he said.

The SSP said that the articles booked would, however, be weighed by the department, for being mentioned in the receipt, for the satisfaction of the customers, and to avoid any post-delivery complaints regarding the exact weight of the parcel booked. The boxes would also contain a pouch for keeping the customs declaration certificate.

L. Amalachandran, Head Post Master, HPO, Vellore, said that gold medallions of Reliance Money worth Rs.2,30,555 have been sold by the Vellore HPO ever since they were introduced in the HPO on March 3, 2009, under an agreement with Reliance Money.

Gold medallions sold at the HPO would carry an Onam discount of 6 per cent till September 10.

The medallions were Swiss-certified and 99.99 per cent pure. They come in tamper-proof packing, and are available in denominations of 0.5 gm, 1 gm, 5 gm and 8 gm.

The Vellore HPO stood second, next to Tirunelveli HPO, in the sale of gold medallions in Tamil Nadu so far, he said.

The Head Post Master said that the HPO also undertook booking of bulk mail, under the business post scheme. Service charges would be collected in addition to ordinary postal charges for the bulk mail.

Currently, Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited, LIC and VIT University were some of the regular users of bulk mail at the HPO.

About 600 customers on an average received cash sent by their friends and relatives from abroad every month through the Western Union Money Transfer at the Vellore HPO, he said.