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Over supply of power to HT consumers during evening peak hours

COIMBATORE: Industries here have welcomed the Tamil Nadu Electricity Board’s move to supply power to High Tension (HT) consumers in the State during evening peak hours (6 p.m. to 10 p.m.) at a higher tariff.

The board proposes to levy reliability charge on HT consumers who opted to avail themselves of power during the evening peak hours.

According to the proposal, the reliability charge not exceeding Rs.7 a unit will be collected from those HT consumers who opt for the relaxation of 20 per cent power cut and peak hour restriction by availing 200 MW from January to May, 2010.

The Southern India Mills’ Association has welcomed the announcement and several members have already opted for the new proposal.

The association expects that more members will opt for it soon.

Jayakumar Ramdas, president of the Southern India Engineering Manufacturers’ Association, said the HT consumers now faced peak hour restriction, two hours of load shedding every day and 20 per cent power cut.

With the new proposal, the units could go in for power supply during peak hours by buying power at not more than Rs.7 a unit. The board was expected to finalise the rate soon.

The units could also go in for relaxation in the 20 per cent power cut. “This is a welcome move by the board to meet the energy shortage in the State,” he said.

Mr. Ramdas added, “We hope power will be available at Rs.6 to Rs.6.25 a unit. This will benefit the industries to a great extent.”

All the large-scale industries, nearly 75 per cent of the medium-scale engineering units and 15 per cent to 20 per cent of small-scale units here were HT consumers.