Industries here have appealed to the State Government and the Tamil Nadu Generation and Distribution Corporation (Tangedco) to distribute the power available equally across the State.

With the State (except Chennai) facing eight to nine hours of power cut a day for the last few days, representatives of about 25 industrial associations met here on Wednesday. “We have taken a decision to emphasis on the need for equitable distribution of the power available,” said D. Balasundaram, president of Tamil Nadu Electricity Consumers’ Association (TECA).

He told presspersons that subsequent to the Chief Minister’s assurance that there will be no power cut in the State, the industries were hopeful that load shedding would not increase.

However, it has increased during the last few days and there was no indication from the Government or the Tangedco that there is power shortage. The Chief Engineer of Tangedco met the industry association representatives here on November 25 and assured that the situation will improve in a couple of days.

According to a study done by TECA, industries across the State (except Chennai) faced minimum five hours of load shedding during day time, at least one hour power cut at night and peak hour restrictions. Thus, they went without power for 10 to 12 hours a day.

The associations have decided to wait for a week to see if the situation will improve. They will also seek an appointment with the Chief Minister. “The industries, especially the small-scale sector, are hit by the power problem. We want to meet the Chief Minister and explain the problem,” Mr. Balasundaram said.

They also sought removal of cross-subsidy surcharge for power purchased from other States.

‘The industries, especially the small-scale sector, are hit by the power problem’