The indoor stadium inside the playground of the Government Higher Secondary School in Hosur was locked with additional lock allegedly by the Municipal Vice Chairman M. Ramu on Thursday evening.

Due to this, opening of the stadium was delayed in the morning. This created commotion among the public.

When contacted, Mr. Ramu denied the allegations and said that some people with ulterior motive to defame his name, were creating false propaganda against him.

He alleged that an unauthorized group was collecting yearly and monthly subscription from the public for playing shuttle inside the stadium and at the same time, it was used by them for purposes other than sports activities, hence, an official from the Municipality put the additional lock on Thursday evening and it was not locked by him as alleged.

The stadium was built with the funds allotted from the Member of Parliament Local Area Development Fund of Rs. 25 lakh, a sum of Rs. 13 lakh from Education Department and Rs. 2.34 lakh from the Municipality. Mr. Ramu said management of stadium should have been handed over to the Municipality, but it did not happen.