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The Royal Pearl Hospital has been put on the global map, as a pioneer in 'Skull-based Surgery' in South-East Asia. Skull-based Surgery is performed with great skill and precision by a dedicated set of medical team led by the Chief Operating Surgeon,

Dr Janakiram.

The skull base is the portion upon which the lower surface of the brain rests and the management of diseases in this area has traditionally involved combined efforts by ENT surgeons and neurosurgeons because of the complexity of this part of the body.

Surgeons had to open up the skull and this could create complications and injury to vital structures in some cases. This meant long operating hours, prolonged hospital stay and post-operative results that were not always optimal.

A variety of diseases, including bleeding tumors of the nose and sinus, visual deterioration after accidents, increased brain pressure, birth deformities in the skull and even removal of foreign bodies in the walls of the eye socket, could be treated through this method. The surgery uses a 4 mm endoscope that is let through both the nasals of the nose. “Angled views afforded by the endoscope would ensure that the disease is completely cleared,” says Dr Janakiram.

The skull-based surgery is performed to treat advanced tumors such as cancer, aneurysms and tumors seated inaccessible corners of the body. Also, this surgery is fast gaining popularity as it does not leave the patient with scars or restricts the growth of the skull in a child ensuring that the pediatric skull is not deformed.

The skull-based surgery comprises two methods-One, when the surgery is performed at the base of the brain, a neuro-surgeon is not required and could be performed solely by the ENT surgeon whereas when the tumor is inside the dura of the brain, the role of a neuro-surgeon is required and this type of surgery is called 'Four Handed Technique'. Dr Janakiram, teams along with Dr Ramakrishna Eshwaran, Neuro-Surgeon at Maruti Hospital, Tiruchi and Dr Jose Jasper, Neuro-Surgeon at Kauvery Hospital, Tiruchi to perform the Four Handed Technique.

Skull-base surgeries are performed for patients from across India and across the globe as far as Tanzania, Egypt and other countries.

Rhinoplasty and pinna corrective surgery are the other surgeries that are performed at the Royal Pearl Hospital. Though, in its infancy, cosmetic surgery, removal of wrinkles and botox, are picking up here,”

says Dr Janakiram.




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