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Govt. should provide grants to people with disabilities

COIMBATORE: “There are not enough teachers for sign language in India,” says Pranali Pawar, a teacher working for Ishara Foundation, an organisation working for people with hearing impairment, in Mumbai.

She was in Coimbatore to teach people with hearing impairment in the classes organised by Deaf Leaders (a Coimbatore-based non-Governmental organisation working for the empowerment of people with hearing impairment) recently.


The two-month training programme for which she was in Coimbatore, involved teaching English grammar to hearing impaired candidates.

Ms.Pranali is hearing impaired herself. “But, I don’t feel inferior to anyone. I am confident that I can prove my talent to teach,” she says.

She is 22 years of age and is currently pursuing her Bachelor of Arts in Mumbai.

“It is not difficult for people with hearing impairment to study. All they need is constant motivation and a feeling that they are not inferior to people with normal hearing,” she says.

She studied in a school for hearing impaired and felt that more people should come forward to teach sign language. “That is the easiest way to empower people like me,” she says.

Ms.Pranali lost her hearing when she was just five and has been managing with hearing aids since.

“My experience in Coimbatore was very good. The students were very eager to learn,” she adds.


In countries such as the U.S., people with hearing impairment are treated with a lot of respect.

The same thing does not happen in India.

“The Indian Government should provide grants to people with disabilities so that they can lead better lives,” she says.

The English-sign language training programme was organised by Deaf Leaders, Coimbatore, in association with Ishara Foundation, Mumbai.