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IICPT conducts World Food Day in Thanjavur

THANJAVUR: The Indian Institute of Crop Processing Technology (IICPT), Thanjavur, under the aegis of Union Ministry of Food Processing Industries, is celebrating the World Food Day under the theme ‘Towards a hunger free world’ here on October 16 and 17.

Dr. K.Alagusundaram, Director of IICPT, told The Hindu on Tuesday that several events – elocution competitions, poster displays, cultural competitions, display of models and miniatures , short film screening, display of photographs, food carnival and food expo had been organised to mark the celebration in the two days.

Food situation

The IICPT Director said that India was currently self-sufficient in food production and it was the third largest producer of foodgrains in the world and first largest producers of fruits and vegetables, milk and spices and third largest producer of coconuts.

More than 50 per cent of world’s buffalo and sheep live in India and India has the seventh largest marine landing in the world and has more than 7,000-km coastal belt which is useful for fishing throughout the year, he said.

Dr. Alagusundaram pointed out that in spite of these achievements, food availability in the country was far from sufficient.

The population explosion is alarming and more than half of the malnourished children live in the country and more than 50 per cent of Indians do not have access to healthy food and one-third of Indians go to bed hungry every day.

He said that India’s food production growth rate was less than two per cent for the past several years and another 150 more million tonnes of foodgrains were needed to feed the exploding population.

“We need a second green revolution. No doubt the production and productivity can increased by proper management of natural resources like land water. High yielding varieties have some answer to our growing food demand, he said.”