As many as 21 out of 28 are competing for Mayor's post

The presence of several Independent candidates – 21 out of 28 – contesting for Mayor's post in Tirupur Corporation, could pose a challenge to political party candidates in the fray.

With most of the major parties having decided to go it alone in this year's elections, even the few votes that the Independents could swing in their favour could make the difference between victory and defeat for the main contenders.

Poll reforms

C. Nallasamy, secretary of Federation of Tamil Nadu Agriculturists Association (FTAA) which had fielded an Independent candidate for seeking electoral reforms in civic body polls, is of the opinion that there is much dissatisfaction among the general public regarding the political parties because they did not do much to enhance the infrastructure of the city to keep pace with its growth in the last few decades.

“The anger of the public could turn into votes for Independent candidates,” he opined.

Among the Independents, the FTAA's candidate L. Kathiresan is expected to garner most votes as his campaign did not go along the regular lines of promises to enhance infrastructure.

Instead, Federation of Tamil Nadu Agriculturists Association made appeals for making the elections in urban local bodies like Corporation apolitical, similar to the elections at village panchayat level and for more power for local bodies, which made a mark among the electorate.


Also, FTAA's campaign was intensive unlike many other Independent candidates who did not even bother to carry out serious campaigning or come out with a manifesto.

“Even if I do not win this time, it is sure that the votes cast in my favour could turn out to be the margin of defeat for the DMK/ AIADMK candidates since the governance by those two parties by turn did not stand for the welfare of people,” Mr.Kathiresan said.

  • Independents could affect the poll outcome for main contenders in the fray in Tirupur
  • Federation of Tamil Nadu Agriculturists Association has fielded an Independent candidate